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Social Media
Marketing With
SMO Course

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Social Media Marketing With SMO

The course is designed to make one conversant with Digital Marketing and proficient in Social Media tools and techniques starting from the fundamentals of digital marketing.

  • Program starts from the basics of digital marketing, No pre-requisites required
  • Learn to create a social media strategy for all social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus)
  • Build great content that appeals to the audience
  • Learn to schedule your content for publishing on the social media


  • Overview of Digital marketing, its channels, strategies and components
  • Overview of Social media marketing, its goals, platforms and tools
  • Overview of Mobile marketing and its components
  • Social Media Technical Terminology, funnels & customer engagement strategy  
  • Facebook Page tools, Insights and campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing with Twitter
  • LinkedIn profile and its benefits
  • Business strategy on Pinterest
  • Instagram as a marketing tool
  • Google+ and Its communities and collections
  • Video marketing on YouTube and its uses
  • Content marketing, its goals and technology
  • Content promotion
  • Marketing and landing pages


  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Planning and Promotions


After course completion, students can get jobs as:

  • Online Marketer
  • Market Researcher
  • SEO Expert
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketer


Duration: 3 Months
Regular: 90 Minutes
Weekends: 120 Minutes


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