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Special Workshop

Special Workshop

At SkyT Institute, our commitment is to bring the best out of you and equipped you with a visionary of a designer. By conducting regular design workshops at our institute we make the student realize their design ambitions on practical turf, Most of these special sessions on design inculcates technological design advancements taking place international arena. Students take opportunities those are hands-on practical assignments based on the various topics of special sessions. We also invite eminent guest faculty from the design fraternity based in Delhi and outside. Just to have a better glimpse we invite you to visit one of our SkyT Institute facilities and attend a special session and no worries even if you are not a SkyT Institute enrolled student you can be assured to attend one of the classes by our specialized design and technology faculty with he subject of your interest.

Itinerary for special sessions to be conducted for the session 2017

A look of Fashion design, textile industry and architecture furniture design with marvelous design software.
Date: 8th March 2018
Time: 11 : 30 A.M

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