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//Refund Policy
Refund Policy

Refund Policy

SkyT Institute aims to deliver the best training services and materials to the Learner or student that has enrolled in any of the courses. When you sign up or enroll for a course on SkyT Institute, you agree to our terms of use, our privacy policy, and our rescheduling policy.

Refunds of Fees are possible if

A) Courses registered for are not available anymore or such courses are canceled.
B) Students initiate a refund request within 48 hours after subscribing or paying for a particular course.

SkyT Institute reserves the right to administer administrative fees or penalty fees to any refund request. Refunds are not possible after 24 hours of subscribing for courses or attending any of the classes depending on which one comes first. Refunds would be processed within 30 days of refund request initiation.

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